Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Practical Completion Inspection (PCI)

This morning hubby and I has our PCI appointment with our Site Supervisor (SS).

Just like to say our splash back now looks soooo noise :)

The appliances are in and it's all looking sweet ;)

We are very excited it's all coming along so well. There are not too many things to fix up. Just some paint touch up's, few dents in the range-hood flue that will need replacing, a few floor boards are scratched and need replacing, timber to seal the sides of the front and back doors, some silicone sealing, front and back yard levelled better, and a few other bits and pieces but nothing too major.

We have been so happy with Mark our SS. It's nice to have someone who is both laid back yet onto everything you ask for, and happy to please. It certainly makes the building experience much more pleasant.

Our solicitors are still waiting on MJH solicitors to contact them regarding settlement. They sure are leaving it to the last minute, I really hope we are on track for getting our keys in two days time!

I didn't take any pics today as there was things on the bench from the painters etc. So it wasn't looking heaps pretty. I will take some nice shots when they handover the keys :)

Nearly there…


  1. I hope you got keys. I can't wait to see photos of your kitchen.

  2. handover was a day late but yes we have the keys and have moved in. I have limited internet access and the house is a bomb. But I will post some pics when I can… it all feels like a holiday house so so nice!!! :)

  3. Hope everything is going well - can't wait to see your final kitchen either!