Friday, 24 October 2014

finally… internet

Wow! it's been so long since I last posted, but we have been very busy moving, unpacking, painting, shelving, wallpapering, shopping, etc that I didn't really mind not having the internet connected. It forced me to get lots done…

So we are so so so loving our new home. It's lovely not to have to deal with real estate agents and land lords anymore. We can do what we like to our house :)

We haven't had many issues. Just small things to put on our three month fix list.

Things I have been up too…
I have been ripping out silly ventilated shelving in the pantry and installing timber shelves. Wallpapered a wall (my first, and last). Building flat packs, painting walls inside and outside, installing the plantation shutters. Heaps of stuff and heaps more to go…
  • Electrician to finish installing lights (after I seal the render). 
  • Hubby to do the gardens with the help of a wonderful friend. 
  • Replace some furniture that doesn't fit i.e. dining table. 
  • Make the curtains.
  • French pave the alfresco with silver travertine. 
  • Get outside timber gates installed and paint them white.
I haven't started the boys rooms… It will seriously be never ending while I still enjoy DIYing :)

Anyway, enough talk. Here are a few pics for those who have been asking :)


 living room  (curtains will go on the door)

 wall paper in entryway (don't mind little miss I have to be in every photo)

 Main bedroom shutters (sorry didn't bother fixing the bed)

I am really happy with the quality of the plantation shutters through iseek blinds.
I measured and installed all of the plantation shutters in the house. But… I made one stupid expensive mistake. I switched the main bathroom measurements around on the order form in a rush and so the shutters fitted perfectly (the wrong way). Now I have to wait till after Christmas for the shutters to be re made. The boys still have to wait for total privacy :(

The front is now painted and rendered.
Unfortunately most of our buffalo grass is dead. It's going on the list!


Okay, just one of Typography (the cat that is)


  1. woohoo you're finally in!! Praise God!!
    It looks gorgeous Joh. So happy for you and the boys. I love everything you've done.

    Ps. how hard is wallpapering. Lol. We did our bedroom wall with stuff from bunnings. It was not as easy as Youtube made out haha

    1. yeah. it wasn't the best job at all. but i love the look so it was worth the work :)
      We should catch up soon!

  2. So lovely to see you settled and happy, Joh. Wishing you many wonderful years of happy memories. Praying God will continue to bless! Hope you get your shutters sorted soon. Hugs xxx

  3. Thanks Andrea, our great God has certainly blessed us so much that is it very humbling :) Just have to be grateful for His blessings and not feel guilty or discontent. It's a hard balance sometimes. You need to all come for lunch after church soon!!!

  4. Your home looks AMAZING! You should be very proud of your styling because it all fits so well. Looks very stylish. May I ask - where did you get your rug and pendant lights from?

  5. Thank you Sarah. But I just get ideas from other blogs I see and throw it all together :)

    Pendant lights are A-M's.

    Rug is from pottery barn in grey.

  6. Greetings from Pink Little Notebook! Your sister suggested your blog to me and said we had very similar tastes. She was right! Love your home. You've done an amazing job so far!!

  7. Hi Joh, may I ask where you bought the wallpaper from? hopefully online??