Sunday, 3 August 2014


Well I'm back after a long overdue update.

We were supposed to hear on the 1st August that our Occupation Certificate had been received, but that didn't happen.

After we get the certificate it should be another 2 weeks till handover.

Today we went to show a friend the outside assuming the house would be all locked up for the weekend but the back door was not locked so we were able to go in… YAY!

There are a few issues we noticed.

…WARNING Whinging!…

* Subway splash back tiles are two different shades of white, and the returns are not done.

* Gaps around doors, skirting, under sink.

* Doors sticking.

* A big concern for me is that where the grate is in our backyard, the yard is not level. It makes that corner of an already tidy yard unusable. I will certainly be wanting the retaining wall to continue up in that corner so our yard is flat just like everyone else's!

* The front yard was dug up to fix a blockage in the sewer line, but now the ground is uneven. I would also like the front yard levelled better!

* The two light battens either side of the garage door are too low. Don't know if they can raise them at this stage. But the lights we have chosen will look so stupid at that hight!

* Towel rail in main bathroom is too high.

* Letterbox needs changing to white.

* Fly-screens not on.

* Lots of paining to finish.

Thats about it for now with the whining ;)

Things that have been done are…

* Bamboo floor-boards that I LOVE! But I can already see how much dust/dirt they show up :0

* Carpets that I don't love :( they are heaps darker grey than I was expecting. But oh well.

* Side pavers and pebbles done. (Will need to seriously get rid of those pebbles because my boys will touch them ALL-THE-TIME)

* Clothes line in.

* French doors are looking AMAZABALLS with the windows in them cleaned :)

* Drive way is now sprayed. I imagined the texture to be heaps more rough but I'm pleasantly surprised it isn't. Also not 100% liking the colour but I think with the choice range we had to go from it was the best match to our house. We can't tell how well it will go until the render and painting is done, but at the moment the driveway is looking a bit too peachy :(

* Grass is down, but already looking half dead. I think in another 3 weeks it will look really dead :(

Think thats about all. I met one of our lovely neighbours :) and another one today. Praise God for lovely neighbours - YAY!

We also have had some fun purchasing some things for the home (between packing) such as the home theatre goodies, $$ curtain fabric, cushions, and other things. It's all getting a wee bit exciting :)

Here are some pics from today…

 the drain/yard issue

 the gap at door

See the two tile colours!!!

under kitchen sink gap

Main bathroom (towel rail too high)

our beautiful french doors :) 

Grey carpet in C's room 


looking down the hallway

looking up the hallway 

 dining/lounge room/kitchen area

same from another angle 

home theatre room/guest bedroom

clothes-line and small child

driveway colour 

outside lights too low :(

lights to go out the front
(black ones to go out the back)

side of house 

front yard not very level

 this is the door for the curtains

and these are the curtains I've ordered :)
This photo is from the very amazing house at The Sunny Side Up Blog.
One day I will get timber french alfresco doors ;)


  1. Overall, your place is looking amazing. The kitchen is gorgeous. How disappointing about the splash back tiles. What a waste of time, to think you wouldn't notice/care about that!

  2. I can't believe they installed two coloured tiles, that's ridiculous. The people doing it surely should have notice and thought it's a little odd! I hope they fix everything up!

  3. Yes it does stand out heaps!
    My SS said that the tiler couldn't tell the difference until a week later when he came back and did the grouting. They are getting in replaced for me. Thankfully.

  4. Joh sent an email let me know if you didn't get it.

  5. Hey Joh can you send me your email address as I seem to be having issues. My email is