Thursday, 30 May 2013

Road update

Well we were able to drive down to our actual block last weekend! The gate was open, so we took it upon ourselves to use it and drive on the newly finished road to where we will live. The kids were very excited to be able to see it up close instead of from afar.
It was a huge mud pit and we stressed to the boys "do not step in it". Of course number 3 lost his footing and landed one food in. That mud is really hard to get off. Not sure if he will be aloud out of the car next time, lol.
They haven't finished the footpaths in our section yet, but it doesn't look too far off.
We are still on track for October registration apparently. It's exciting to see so many future neighbours getting their houses up, we can't wait till we are at building stage. Just hope and pray it's not going to be too stressful.

Anyway here are a couple of pics of the 4 (faceless) boys in front of out lot!


  1. Yay so exciting Joh. What a blessing.

  2. Thanks Rubes :)
    can't wait to drive past your place when we are out there next! must be exciting to have the roof done :)