Friday, 21 June 2013

Grass and a Tree!

I went for a quick drive yesterday to see whats been happening.
We have grass and a tree planted on our nature strip. The footpaths are completed across the road. I'm glad we won't have a footpath on our side, less dog poo on our lawn, lol.
I spoke to the lady in the sales office and she said our October registration could be September! Yay. Sorry no photos yet, didn't have my camera on me. I'll add some soon :)


  1. It's exciting isn't it. We've also now got our nature strip tree - but no grass yet... No footpath on our side of the road either which we're also glad about. Hopefully your registration will be in September. Ours seems to be set for end of July now.

  2. Thanks Sandra. I can't find your blog anymore. do you still have one?