Sunday, 28 April 2013

If we had stairs

I so wish we could have a beautiful staircase like these ones!

I would seriously consider the slide as well. Hurry up kids and get in the car... weeeee!


  1. Hi Joh!
    Gav & I have chosen a MJH design for our property. We are waiting (and have been for 9 years) for the redevelopment of our land to be approved ... so have just been sitting on our plans getting very impatient now! We still don't have the green light. I do hope the registration of your land is nice & smooth! Thanks for sharing your blog link ... I am going to be watching to see the process. We will probably have to wait about 2-3 years (it's complicated!) before we build! (We thought it would be MUCH sooner!) Oh ... and the stairs thing ... can you imagine 4 boys + friends running up & down those stairs??? We are going from 2 storey to 1. Much easier for cleaning too! Hope you have lotsa fun in the process. Hugs Andrea xxx

  2. wow, didn't know that Andrea! thats ages to wait. poor you! how patient you must be!!!
    Yeah stairs look good but practically probably not that good! do you have your design chosen? if so which one? so exciting anyway even if it's a while away, you'll have something to look forward to :)