Thursday, 25 April 2013

First Post...

Hi I'm Joh,

My husband and I are at the beginning stage of building (and owning) our first home with our four boys. We have decided to go with a project builder and do a house and land package with a 5% deal as it will be the easiest and most cost effective way for us to build at this stage.

We are building near Wollongong with McDonald Jones Homes. After looking through a few display homes and choosing what things we would like most in our home we decided on a modified Nova. We didn't have much choice on house design that would fit on our block as it's very small only being 420sqm :( We will only have a small yard but figured our boys are getting older and will be riding their bikes around the streets more than playing in our yard :)

We have done a few variations to the plan including 9ft ceilings, extending the width and length; and a few other boring details. Here are our plans so far, although they will be re-done soon I'm hoping.

We have done all our colour selections and electrical appointments. Paid our 5% deposit and our contract has exchanged. Now it's just a waiting game until our land gets registered in October this year.

Our lot is way down the bottom...

Here are some of our colour choices and design ideas. Some things we will be doing after handover such as rendering, changing all door and cupboard handles, lighting, painting bathrooms, plantation shutters and a few other things we didn't (couldn't) do through MJH.

our progress dates...

28/10/12 - $3000 deposit paid
16/11/12 - Pre colour studio appointment
06/12/12 - Full colour studio appointment
14/12/13 - Electrical appointment
08/03/13 - Signed contract and paid 5% deposit
18/04/13 - Contract exchanged
01/10/13 - Stage lodged with the LPI for registration
23/10/13 - Land Registered
15/01/14 - Pegged
04/02/14 - Piered
12/02/14 - Slab
28/02/14 - Frames started


  1. Woohoo Joh :) I've added you to my blog Reader so I will get the updates each time you post :) All the best!! Praying for a quick-but-quality build :D

  2. Hi Joh. We really do have similar tastes - the area where your land is looks lovely! Looking forward to following your progress too ;-)

  3. thanks Sandra! i know. i pretty much got most my inspiration from A-M! lol. the estate is beautiful, but we only have a tiny block, so we will be quite squished in. but it will be ours :) it's still awhile away but i'm getting excited!

  4. Love all your choices! Great oven ... the dark brown bamboo flooring is going to look fab! LOVE shutters (hoping to have some of my own) ... LOVE the pendant lights! How exciting! Hugs xxx

  5. thanks Andrea! you can come check it all out and get some ideas for when you do yours :)