Thursday, 1 May 2014

photo update!!!

Okay… I've finally been organised to put some photos up…

What has been happening?

At the start of the week I did a walk-through electrical inspection with our temporary SS (who was just lovely btw).

That went well. I slightly changed a few light and power points. He said after the ceiling is on we will do it again for some down light and pendant light placements that I want spot on :)

Today I saw that the insulation is half finished and while I was there the gyprock and cornices arrived in a truck :)

It will start looking more like a house very soon!!!

I had Dylan go around and scribble out the bad language on our frames. All ready for the walls to go up :)
 TV nook

lot-sa frames

 Dylan doing some measuring for me in the garage

 looking up the hallway

Across the house. Taken from Nick's room

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  1. Great idea about double checking the light placements - wish we'd done that. The light over our dining table isn't centred with our window. It needs to be about 6 inches over. Not sure how I'm going to do a pendant light over our table as I'd like the table centred with the window and the light fitting. UGH! Oh well, we'll figure something out...