Sunday, 20 April 2014

No Photo update

Went to see the house today with some best friends :)

It was a nice surprise to see the electrical done, the eaves finished and the front post installed.

It was disappointing to see that one random workman (I assume) has written disrespectful comments underneath our bible verses we wrote onto our frames. All I can say is they need to learn to spell a bit better!

Next time I'm there I might just be erasing those words I don't want my kids reading again.

And I'll also get some photos of all the new things. Maybe this week we will see some weatherboard and insulation… I'm really busting to see the weatherboard up!!!


  1. Oh MY!!!! Can't believe that someone would do that! He must have been feeling rather convicted by what he was reading ;-)

  2. lol. Maybe it was kids. They really could not spell. Hopefully they remember some of those verses ;)