Monday, 16 June 2014

Things are happenin'

I went for a drive to the house today. I haven't been in a few weeks. Lots has been happening.
Unfortunately my camera's battery ran out when I was there so I only got a few shots in :(

They were laying the driveway and installing cupboard shelving while I inspected their progress :)

Also the walls and doors have been painted and the tiles are done in the bathrooms and laundry!!!

It seems like it's all happening quickly now!

Here are the few shots I managed to get today…

driveway being levelled 

I have no idea what these posts are for as I thought we were getting a colour bond fence between the houses? It looks like it's going to be a mini retaining wall?


  1. Hi Joh! Wow! It really is coming along ... Isn't it? Must be feeling more of a reality now? Do you have a moving date yet? Hugs xxx

    1. not yet Andrea :( need to start annoying our SS and get an estimated date off him I think ;)