Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Frame is getting there!

I went for a drive today to check out our lovely blue frames that are nearly finished.
Luckily our SS was on-site and he showed me around. He's very nice :)
There were a few things I didn't expect to see.

1. The window in the Home Theatre room is lower than I expected. He checked the measurements and they are correct. I guess it looks fine, it just wasn't what I was imagining.

2. They are putting a bulkhead in the TV alcove space for the a/c unit to sit on! I didn't know that was happening. Not only will the a/c now be sitting out on a bulkhead but the bulkhead comes down so low it is ridiculous. Our SS thinks it might be an error, that they have gone off the plans for a standard ceiling height and not a 2.7m ceiling? He said he will raise the the bulkhead so it's in-line with the tops of the window frames. I'm still not liking that it has to be there at all, but apparently it does, because there are no eaves in that spot on the roof :(

Other than that, everything else looks good in the quick squiz I had. I just can't wait till it looks more like a house… and then I won't be able to wait till it looks more like a home!

Here is the window position in the Home Theatre room. I wish it was a bit higher!

Here is where the frame is coming down too low for the bulkhead in the TV cove.
I hope it's not going to be a problem to raise it!

 View from the front.

 View from the back.


  1. Hi there! I am also building the Nova in Sydney. We were taken through one of the Nova homes when we were looking around and the home threate window in that one was really low also.. it's a silly idea really.

  2. What were the measurements you have for your home theatre window? Ours is 1,609. And my name is Sarah by the way :)

  3. So excited for you! Each step is a closer step to the home you've dreamt of! Enjoy the journey! Exciting times ;-)

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Nice to meet another 'Nova' builder :) What stage are you up to?
    I have no idea what the height was as it wasn't outlined on our plans. All I know is that it is now going to be the same height as the tops of the windows either side.
    Are you getting the 2.7m ceiling too?

  5. Sandra, Your's has gone up so fast it seems! And it looks soooo beautiful! It makes me impatient to get to that stage! ;)

  6. Enjoying watching your adventure, Joh! Hope you sort out the probs successfully. Hugs xxx

  7. Hi Joh, sorry for the late response. We are still going through council atm - meant to finished by June but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. I think we will probably start building around the end of April - early may.

    In regards to the ceiling, we have left that standard so I think it's lower than yours. I would have loved to have it higher but wasn't in our budget!