Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hampton lights

I have my 3 beautiful Hampton Style pendant lights ready for over our island bench in the kitchen.
Thanks A-M (
Unfortunately she no longer has her online lighting shop.
I'm glad I didn't wait till later to buy them!

Here they are in A-M's old home :)


  1. Oooooh! I waited too long to get these lights for our kitchen. I was sad when I saw on facebook that she had closed her shop. Never mind, it wasn't to be for our kitchen. But they'll look stunning in yours ;-)

    1. Hi Sandra, AM sold the rest of her lights to another business in Brisbane called Botticelli House and they are now selling all her old stock. They have a website and a store front and I am sure these lights can be found on many online interior stores.



      Hope the link works they have lots to choose from.

    3. ooo, i didn't know that!
      thanks Tash :)

  2. Thanks! There are a lot of other gorgeous ones around that I was considering. I also really love the ones Tash used in her kitchen!

  3. Hi Joh, I thought I would drop by to see how the build is going, frames going up is so exciting. I love the style you are going for and great choice to change to subway tiles, you will love them.

    Tash x

  4. Thanks Tash. I hope so. even if they are 30cmx5cm :{